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Invite you to a special Community Sneak Preview of the Film
' New Muslim Cool'

Jennifer Maytorena Taylor’s film New Muslim Cool is Islam as you have never seen it. It is also hip-hop as you have probably never heard it. This new film, gives audiences an insider’s view of a little-known cultural fusion between Muslims and street beats that has been developing since the very beginnings of hip-hop culture. The result is a surprising challenge to stereotypes of both Muslims and urban youth in America that encourages viewers to look critically at the “clash of civilizations” between Islam and the West.

Venue: The Lecture Hall, Toynbee Hall, 28 Commercial Street, London E1 6LS

Date: Saturday 13 June

Time: 17.00 – 19.00

After the screening, there will be a Q and A session with

Su'ad Abdul Khabeer - Senior Project Advisor on New Muslim Cool and Saleemah Abdul Ghafur - her Co-author of Living Islam Out Loud.

To reserve a place on the guest list contact Taryn Akthar:
07990 571455 (Limited places)
RSVP by 10th June 2009

Official Website: New Muslim Cool


Su'ad Abdul Khabeer is as an activist-scholar-artist. A doctoral candidate in the Department of Anthropology at Princeton University, her research interests include youth, race and religion, and popular culture studies. She is also a Senior Project Advisor for the upcoming PBS documentary, New Muslim Cool. A native of Brooklyn, NYC Suad has been writing creatively since her youth. Her poetry series “A Day in the Life,” appeared in the anthology Living Islam Out Loud: American Muslim Women Speak. A graduate of the Georgetown University School of Foreign Service, Su'ad has traveled extensively and lectured on campuses in the US and abroad.

Saleemah Abdul Ghafur is the editor and originator of Living Islam Out Loud, and a leader in the national movement to end gender discrimination in the American Muslim community. Currently consulting for Malaria No More, she also consults on a variety of interfaith and volunteer initiatives, as well as writing for Azizah magazine (the first lifestyle magazine for Muslim women in North America ). She is on the board of the Progressive Muslim Union and is affiliated with Atlanta Habitat for Humanity and also serves on the Atlanta Women’s Foundation’s Faith, Feminism and Philanthropy steering committee.

Living Islam Out Loud website for more information: