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About Us

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BritBangla is a celebration of the achievements of British Bengalis from all over the country. The aim is to promote these extraordinary talents and draw attention to the remarkable contribution Bengalis have made to British society.

BritBangla achieve to do this by bringing together like-minded people and build up a strong network of professional Bengalis to collectively share their successes and raise the Brit Bengali profile. British Bengalis who feel they have something to offer are encouraged to take part in the various programmes and projects which will hopefully benefit the community as a whole.

BritBengalis have a unique identity, fusing together best of both worlds. BritBangla offers a platform to reflect the views and aspirations of second and third generation Bengalis growing up within a dual culture. It aims to bring people together by organising social events, workshops, seminars, undertaking fundraising activities for charities and provide community support.

BRITBANGLA is for all Bengali speaking people be they from Kolcutta or Dhaka. It also an all-inclusive association and actively welcomes anyone who wants to join regardless of race or religious background.

To date BritBangla has held a number of successful events that include an Eid celebration party, New Year's event, dinner-dance and charity events. The inaugural BRITBANGLA Launch Party was a celebration of our British Bengali achievements, talents and successes.

BritBangla is non-governmental organisation and a community organisation with its aim to bring positive change and empowerment in the society.

Aims and Objectives:

  • To act as a national network association that brings together second and third generation Bengali Professionals.
  • To provide a platform for businesses and organisations of all sizes to come together under one umbrella for the benefit of each other, the community and society at a whole.
  • To support, empower and enrich the Bengali community through mutual support and promotion.
  • To organise social events and functions in order to celebrate Bengali culture and achievements.
  • To provide support, act as a source of inspiration and partake in mentoring programmes for young Bengalis living in Britain so that they succeed in their studies and careers.
  • To raise money for youth programmes and charities.

If you are interested in any aspect of BritBangla or if there are any particular fundraising, charity, or volunteer projects that you want to be involved in please get in touch with us via email:

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Business Links

BritBangla needs business to support or donate funds that will help BritBangla to lead its mentoring programme, to help the Bengali youth projects, and continue to assist funding with charitable activities. BritBangla plans work with businesses by promoting them and the directory list contacts for a wide range of businesses.

If you feel you can assist us in any way please contact us email at

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