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We always look forward to hearing from you if you have any suggestions or feedback so that we can continue to offer information and services that are useful to our members. Tell us what you like, if you thought something was especially good, or if you have anything else to say about BritBangla.

BritBangla Team

Taryn Akthar
Executive Member: Samiul Kamal-Uddin
Student Development & Liaison: Daniel Pasha
Communications & Project Manager: Hodan Hussein
Young BritBangla Ambassador: Fatima Begum Zaman


Team Members:

Samiul Kamal-Uddin: Executive member

Samiul Kamal-Uddin is a qualified Architect and works for ESA Architects in central London. When he is not designing buildings, he likes to mentor young students to encourage their creative skills and positive aspirations, which Britbangla helped channel. He has a particular passion to help young students, and to connect people that have a mutual interest in creating a better community. Samiul has been active in being a part of the Britbangla team,, and has helped organise a number of charity led functions, including fashions shows, charity runs and even social networking events

Hodan Hussein: Communications & Project Manager

Hodan has a degree in Communications and Media Studies. She is President of Elays Network, one of the leading youth organisations in London. She has been working with Elays for 4 years, started as the Project Manager for theatre events and then Internal Communications Manager. She has directed 2 theatre productions and a movie, produced and edited a documentary for the Metropolitan Police.
Elays Network is a Non-profit organisation run entirely by the youth. Elays aims to inspire the youth through skill enhancing projects and encourages the young to become role models, volunteers and productive members of society. Elays builds a platform for kids and young adult to interact with the professional world. It liaises with government and community groups to ensure that their voices are heard. Although Elays welcomes every ethnic background, Elays predominantly Somali, and aims to eradicating the negative somali image in the media.

Fatima Begum Zaman: Young BritBangla Ambassador

Fatima has also been an ambassador for the UK at the Model United Nations Conference in New York. Recently she has returned from a trip to Bosnia, where she was filming a documentary in partnership with BBC film maker Fiona Lloyd Davies regarding the genocide that occurred there in the 1990ís. She will soon be travelling to The Hague to witness the trial of the Bosnian war-time leader Dr. Radovan Karadzic at the ICTY. Fatima was an active member of the organising and administrative committee at the Women Of the World Festival, where she was also the student ambassador. She has contributed to the wider Bengali community in various ways, including volunteering at the Bangladeshi Disability Awareness Day. Fatima has political ambitions, hoping to represent the people living in the east of London.

Web Team:
Kamrul Islam

PR Team:
Sudha Kaviraj

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