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Why was BritBangla created?
Why do we need BritBangla?
What type of organisation is BritBangla?
How is BritBangla different from other organisations?
Who can join?
How do I join?

Q. Why was BritBangla created?
A. BritBangla was created to highlight the achievements of BritBengalis and to raise the Bengali profile in UK. BritBangla provides an opportunity for members to support and positively contribute to our community. BritBangla unites all Bangla speaking people which currently no organisation is doing.

BritBangla was the brainchild of a team of dynamic professionals who wanted to create an umbrella organisation that bring together aspiring, talented, successful, ambitious individuals from the British Bengali community. The aim is to exploit this invaluable human resource from within the community and channel it for the benefit of both the individual and the society

Q. Why do we need BritBangla?
A. The successes and achievements of BritBengalis need to be profiled in the wider British society to promote and highlight its contribution. BritBengalis have a unique identity, fusing together best of both worlds. BritBangla offers a platform to reflect the views and aspirations of second and third generation Bengalis growing up within a dual culture. It aims to bring people together by organising social events, undertaking fundraising activities for charities and provide community support.

Q. What type of organisation is BritBangla?
A. BritBangla is non-governmental organisation and a community organisation with its aim to bring positive change and empowerment in the society. It is run by a dedicated team of volunteers. The founding member have invested their own personal funds to keep the organisation running. Additional funds are generated through sponsorships and advertising from the community. As part of its willingness to contribute to society, some of the events held have raised money for various charities including sponsorship of a child.

Q. How is BritBangla different from other organisations?
A. BritBangla unites all Bangla speaking people which at present no organisation is doing so. BritBangla has much to offer. BritBangla welcomes everyone who wish to join and benefit from its membership. It is a forum for like minded individuals to network, socialise, exchange views, ideas, promote and support each other with their careers and their businesses. BritBangla aims to create a friendly and relaxed atmosphere in all its events creating an environment for social and professional interaction. It is not a profit making organisation. It is run by volunteers and dedicated people with passion for the community to succeed.

Who can join?
BritBangla welcomes anyone who has a hint of ambition, talent, a burning desire to be successful or those who have reached the pinnacle of success and are now looking to nurture those who are aspiring to become like them. BritBangla attracts graduates, professionals, young entreprenuesr or business people. By joining BritBangla it will build your network contacts professionally and socially. Non-Bengalis are very welcome as membership benefits everyone.

How do I join?
To join you need to submit a Registration Form which can be found on the Membership page on the BritBangla website. On receipt a confirmation will be sent to you.


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