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Lawyer Networking Event Feedback: Students & Lawyers

Intisar Yusuf (Student)
Thank you soo much for the opportunity. I really believe yesterday will have a huge impact on my future, i really can't thank you enough.

Abbas Nawrozzadeh (Johns & Saggar Solicitors)
It was a pleasure to have attended this networking event. Getting an opportunity to engage with a next generation of lawyers and tell them the story of how I became a lawyer was just as inspiring for me as well as the other lawyers who attended I’m sure. I was really impressed by the drive and aspiration of the students who took part. It should not escape mention that it was a pleasure to have met you and the BritBangla team as well as Hodan from the Elays Network. Keep up the good work and do extend my congratulations to all that who helped set this up.

Nasreen Mohamed
I just wanted to let you know that i'm so thankful for the opportunity, I've learnt so much from this event and thank you for the work placement leaflet. Also i'm looking forward to the mentoring support.

Networking Event Feedback from members from House of Lords Talk: Rashad Hussain

Samiul Kamal-Uddin
It was inspiring and created a strong platform for bringing together like minded
people, who have a passion and ambition to help bridge communities, and build a
positive future on an international scale.

Faruk Miah
BritBangla has been an amazing platform to meet like minded professionals. It is a fantastic forum to network, to debate, to learn and to have fun. The House of Lords was a perfect example
of why BritBangla is at the forefront of bringing people together. Rashad Hussain was inspiring.

Samia Rahman
I was genuinely impressed by the high calibre guests who attended this function; the event not only highlighted the accomplishment achieved by the international Muslim community, but it also made us collectively realise that there are continuous milestones yet to be achieved for the betterment of the inter-cultural dialogue between Muslims and non-Muslims and society overall.

Karaoke Networking Event Feedback from members & guests

Tanha Habib
What a lovely event! It was simply brilliant. The peope were lovely and so was the food and the singing!

Charles Mannan
I look forward to your next event. They are clearly very well attended and I congratulate you for your hard work.

M. Islam
I can't believe I sang as I never intended to but got carried away. It was a great night! Another success for BB.

Ayasha Ahad
Good to meet you Taryn had a great night and nice to see so many like minded Bengalis.
Karaoke night: awesome had a brill time although I am having difficulty finding my voice this morning. Thanx BritBangla crew including Sam who I didn't get a chance to meet . Bring on the next event : )

Musharaff Hossain
Thank you for such a wonderful evening.

Faruk Miah
Well done to you too Daniel Pasha you did a great job last was an excellent evening and we must do it again! Thanks for a great night on Wednesday. I thought it went exceptionally well.

Majid Rahman
It was a nice evening and we had a good time.

S. Hussain
The night was buzzing with wanna be singers!

Jebi Rahman
Thanks so much to you and your team for organising, it was fun.

Sarmin Hossain
Yes it was a really good night: Good food, lovely venue, fun-filled night of karoake and great company- thanks for organising this event :-) met some really nice people as well.

Networking Event Feedback from members & guests

Ruhul Abdin
Cheers for hosting yesterday. We had fun and definitely took something from the networking.
It was a pleasure meeting you and the people of Brit Bangla, and keep up the good work :)

Julia Mirza-Begum
Thanks for inviting me to your event. I had a fab time last night and met some lovely people. It's a shame I didn't get to speak to you much. I looked for you but didn't find you until the very end!

Naz Kabir
Just wanted to say thanks for a great social last night, thoroughly enjoyed it. Met some cool people and finally made some Bengali friends lol. Bring on the next meet up.

Ruzina Khatun

Just wanted to thank you for last night, I met some interesting people and had a good night.

Networking Event Feedback from members & guests

Nabila Pathan
Congratulations for hosting such a classy event. Thanks for the invite. It's always great to meet professional individuals from different sectors under one roof. It was particularly pleasing to meet such a diverse set of professionals from the British Bangladeshi community. Brit Bangla is an
excellent platform for uniting members of the communicty for the sake of opening up potential business and creative opportunities for young Bangladeshi professionals. I applaud the work carried out by the creators of this networking venture.

Faruk Miah MBE
Taryn, it was a pleasure meeting you last night. Well done on organising a fantastic evening.
I think everyone had a great time. I like your concept and what you are trying to do and I look forward to supporting you and your team. Do you need any help with your event in Birmingham. I am going to do my best to attend the event.

Sultana Wahab
Thank you! Great evening and Taryn, you are a great host. You and the others do a great thing for us fellow Bangladeshi, very commendable.

Runa Begum
I had a great time, it was so good to talk to such passionate and driven people. and very admirable to see people breaking through social barriers and stereotypes. I look forward to the next event and keeping in touch with some of the wonderful people i met. Thanks for your efforts in organising this group and please thank Taryn for me aswell!

Mooktakim Ahmed
The event was great. Chatted with loads of new people. Although, many were sitting down. Its hard to go over to people who are sitting down lol But overall a very good event.

West Midlands Event Feedback from members & guests

Rehana Begum (Solihull)
Great night at mint, nice to meet some old faces as well new! Nice little BritBangla team set up. The way midlands team will benefit me is by arranging further events both large and small to enjoy and futhermore to network with other bangladeshi's.

Amina Begum (Solihull)
The event was a really good idea and it’s one we have all waited for a long time to happen i.e. professional networking event bringing Bengali people from all over the midlands.

Kitch Bokth (Canterbury)
Was a pleasure meeting you and your team – you all did a great job.

Hena Begum (Burnley)
It was a good event, a good way of getting people to connect and network, food was good...hospitality of the organisers was good.

Khalid Miah (Aston)
Splendid event folks!

Celebration of Womens Day Feedback from members & guests

Zoe Rahman
Just wanted to say thanks for inviting me the other night and for organising the event - it was great to meet so many other British Bengali women!
Sorry I didn't say a few words this time but I'd be really happy to next time, if I've had more sleep!!!
Please thank everyone involved.

Shayela Khan
Meant to email you earlier, just to say I enjoyed Monday and thought it
was a really worth while event. There were some really inspirational
speakers and amazing women there, Sandra Kabir especially I thought was
great. Well done for your hard work and effort.
I'll be coming to more BritBangla events! Thanks.

Shaheen Westcombe MBE
Just a quick note to say how wonderful it was to see so many young talented Bangladeshi women professionals. Thanks for inviting me. I enjoyed the evening.

Sandra Kabir, CEO BRAC UK
Greetings. May I congratulate you both on a most successful celebration of International Women’s Day, last evening. I would like us to jointly undertake some more women’s events in the near future.

Momotaj Islam
I just wanted to say thank you very much for arranging the BritBangla International Women’s day event on Mon 8th March. You did so well to get put it all together in such a short space of time and were a wonderful ‘hostess’.
I very much enjoyed the whole event. It was enriching to meet so many Bengali women who are successful in different professional fields. The atmosphere was very warm – I find that women are generally good at sharing their success and being supportive of each other.
It was a good idea to emphasise the achievements of Bengali women across the generations. If we think about it there were so many more barriers for the older women to overcome than for the current generation, it makes their achievements seem all the more greater.
Thanks for inviting me to give at a talk. It was a pleasure to share my experience with the aim of inspiring other women to aim for professional careers. Several women spoke with me afterwards to say they appreciated it, which was very rewarding.
All in all, your hard work paid off. Well done again!

Runi Khan
Just a note to say - well done. It was a wonderful evening and the turn out of so many interesting British Bangladeshi women in one room only showed your ability to put something special together. I was delighted personally to see the collection of confident, well educated and forward thinking young ladies, all trying to positively move forward with a collective spirit.

Sweety Kapoor
Wanted to thank you and express what a lovely and intimate evening the Bangla Womens day get together was. Really fabulous to have it as such an intimate setting. Made it special and a real sense of people connecting. Both Zoe and I were saying how we both felt quite emotional by some of the older generation, very inspiring. Well done for putting it together. Warmest wishes, Sweety.

Silwat Haider
Thank you very much for organising last night's event. I had to rush off and couldn't thank you in person. Well done for rallying such an interesting bunch of ladies to speak about themselves. Very inspiring. Hope you've set a precedent for an annual event! All the best.

Suraiya Ali
I'm reeally glad we got to meet such inspiring women and best of all they were Bengali. Thanks again and it all paid off the hard work! X

Ruksana Kazi

A big thank you for doing the IWD event. It was great - loved the speakers especially the Dr Shamsun Nehar. What a character! Remember how she started -'I don't see male or female all I see are anatomies'..ha he he brilliant!

Hema Hussain
Thank you so much for inviting on Monday. It was truly a well-organised event. Well done. Take care. Hema.

6th Anniversary Event Feedback from members & guests

Abdul and Lulu
Hi Taryn, Shirin and Co..........
Many thanks for a wonderful evening on Saturday. We had a great time and it would appear so did everyone else........ you should be proud of your efforts!
It was a lovely way to celebrate your 6th anniversary and the young emerging talent on show is a credit to our community. Well done for providing a platform to them all.
We are sure you have had very positive feedback and similar comments from your members.
Best wishes and lots of luck for the future. Hope to keep in touch and see you all soon.

Sham Islam
It was great seeing you again. Congratulations on making the event such a success. I felt everything was completely in order and people were enjoying themselves on the night.

Maxi Islam
Great night, fab food good company!

Councillor Bill Turner
Really enjoyed last nite! well done. Everyone I spoke to was really impressed. Met some useful contacts and was great to meet the BritBangla members.

It was so good and had a great time. Congrats for all the things you have achieved.

Anthea & Michael Brant
A rather belated thank you for inviting me and Michael to the 6th Britbangla celebrations. It was such fun and we really enjoyed ourselves! It was lovely meeting members of your family, friends and colleagues, and the BritBangla community.

Reshma Zaman
What fab night! Thanks for inviting - glad to be part of it.

Saleh Ahmed
Hey thanks for great evening, I really enjoyed myselfHey thanks for great evening Taryn, I really enjoyed myself

Social Networking Event Feedback from members & guests

Nazmin Su
Thank you for a fantastic evening. My friend Bina and I enjoyed it very much. We are looking forward to the next event! I met such nice people and hope to meet so many more in the future.
Again, thank you very much for making me feel so welcome.

Jebi Rahman
Thanks for the shout out and for organising the event the other night, thought it went really well and great venue! You really are a star hostess!

Misbah Mosobir
Great event yesterday and very nice to see everyone.

Comedy & Networking Event Feedback from members & guests

Shah Athar
Tthank you for a great night! really enjoyable and your karoake was great too!
look forward to the next one...

Tahseen Khan
That was a great do last night! we seriously unexpectedly enjoyed it, I heard you used to do them before and they were a success when britbangla started. A lot of the people we were hanging out with had a fun time! I think we got well into kareoke!...LOL

Saleh Ahmed
Had a great time and really enjoyed myself!

Sabrina Haque
It was great meeting you yesterday. the event was great and cant wait for the second one.

Abdul Hamid
I didn't get a chance to say thank you, it was a great success - long live BritBangla!

Shazina Miah
Just wanted to say thanks for putting together yesterday’s event. I didn’t get the chance to say bye but and hope your evening went suitably well. It’s a shame that Shirin wasn’t able to attend – please pass my regards to her.

Diamond Ball Feedback from members & guests

Saleyah Miah
salaam Taryn, Ali and I had a lovely saturday evening and we wanted to say thank you for organising such a nice event. We really appreciate you the efforts your team had gone to and especially those last minute tickets for us :) It was really well organised. Thanks again. Allah hafiz

Saj Chowdhury
Yes, it was last minute, but I'm glad I made the last-minute decision of going along. Had a grand time and will definitely be attending future get-togethers. I was also delighted so much was collected for charity. Good effort all round.

Aziza Shah
Sweetest Taryn and Shirin, What a great way to spend Sat night - it was just superb fun fom start to finish! Happy memories, happy atmosphere, happy friends! I was happy to be there! Big hug.

Shamima Peters
Hi. Just wanted to say thanks for organising a lovely evening last Saturday!

Aziz Miah -Snapz Photography
Hi everyone what a great event this was. Pictures of the event can be seen at:-

Toffael Rashid
Good Morning Taryn, Hope you are not feeling too tired after a wonderful evening -
CONGRATULATIONS Just writing you a short note to say thank you for inviting me to the BritBangla Ball last night. It was a fun evening where I had the chance to meet new people in a very relaxed atmosphere. Your dinner entertainment was great and the I hope that you met your aims through the charity raffle.

Azra Hassanali
Hey, salaam Taryn, Just wanted to drop you a line to say congratulations for a very successful event on Saturday. You are a diamond putting so much of your time and energy into fund raising. Hope to meet you again soon. P.S. Your dress looked fab! Azra xx.

Sultana Rahman
I had a great time on last Saturday. It was a lovely evening and Was nice seeing you all aswell

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Annual Dinner Event Feedback from members & guests

Aziza Shah
Had the loveliest time on Saturday evening - and what a great venue! So nice to see all the desi-razzmataz - it makes everyone feel more festive and super-happy! Met some great people too.

Madz Khan
Thanks for everything. Had a nice time

Babul Miah
Want to thank you and Jen for making us welcome and for being such fab event hosts!

Michael Macey - Cultural Attache' US Embassy
Thank you so much for inviting me to the wonderful BritBangla event last Saturday. It really was an amazing group of dynamic people.

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Chor Bizarre Event Feedback from members & guests

Khalid Chowdhury
Thanks for organising such a brilliant event. I like the fact that you took the time to talk to everyone, so that no one really felt left out, I think it was a really good event, not too many people, so everyone got to talk to each other.
Yasmin really enjoyed it, I'm pretty sure she's up for a few more events, so bring them on :)

Rooful Ali
One liner to say thanks for organising the afternoon Tea - great time, nice people, something different and chilled out :)

Israt-Jahan chowdhury
Just thought id drop you an email to say thanks for the high tea, - it was lovely meeting other members, and very interesting from my end learning about what everyone does and how they got themselves there ( full of questions - me! ).

Sikander Mohiuddin
This was very good...There was choice of three types of tea; Massala, Darjeeling and Assam (in decreasing weakness). It came as no surprise that the Massala tea proved to be very popular to the Bengali palate! The waiters and I came to first name basis due to the number times I went up to him for Massala tea. Although the after affects of drinking copious amounts of cha were similar to having a spicy Asian meal - mild heart burn but without the calories. ;-)
Thanks for organising Taryn.

Kamran Ahmed
I just wanted to say thank you for inviting me to the BritBangla tea party. I had a really good time.
All the best.

Alroy DCruz
Just a quick email to thank you for iniviting me to the BritBangla event at Chor Bizarre. I had a really nice time and met some really interesting people. Please do keep me informed of any similar events you might organise in the future.
Best Regards.

Shathi Zaman-Azizi
Hope you are well. Just a quick e-amil to say that I enjoyed Saturdays event, despite parking difficulties. The teas (Chaais) were different and the people were all very interesting. So Thank You.

Kas Khan
Thanks Taryn for organising this. Met some nice people and drank some good tea. See you all soon.

Rupsana Khanom
As this was the first even i've attended, i felt there were some really cool guys and even cooler girls there. Unfortunately, i didn't get to meet you all but hope to do so in the not too distant future.
The venue was nice and cosy and had a comfortable atmosphere. And, what can i say about the masala tea!!!! AND not to mention the thai meal some of us had afterwards!!
So a big thank you to you Taryn for organising it and to Shirin for being so hospitable!

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Charity fundraiser feedback from members & guests...

Baroness Uddin: BritBangla Patron
I am pleased to be associated with BritBangla and give my support to such worthwhile initiatives.

Mr M. A Salam : Minster Consular Bangladesh High Commission
I was pleased to be there and hightlight that the young British Bengali generation are the future in helping Bangladesh. The event programme was good. I look forward to working with BritBangla in the near future.

Oona King MP
It was a pleasure to support the charity event, and to see families gathering to fundraise for the orphanage in Bangladesh which is home to many of our British Bengali community. It is vital to recognize that Bangladesh is a developing country so such charitable initiatives are important.

Shahin Badar: BB Honorary Member
As always I am there to support BritBangla. It was a wonderful day and I enjoyed meeting the friends and family.

Monica Ali: BB Honorary Member
I would have loved to be here, to lend my support for this worthy initiative and to enjoy the social gathering. Sadly, I was on a plane, as usual - but I was with you in spirit, if not in the flesh.

Lisa Aziz: Sky News
I really wished that I would be here and take part and give my support in person but unfortunately due to work pressure I cannot attend. I wish you all the best with the fundraising for the orphanage and give my wholehearted support to a very good cause in Bangladesh.

Abdul Karim – Bangla Mirror
Pleased to see such charity initiative helping our home country and happy to give Bangla mirror's support.

Shaiek Ahmed: Betar Bangla Radio
The target has been achieved. The programme was good. Everyone was helpful. Bethany was on the toplist of artists so, Manna Hoque was very happy! Betar Bangla Radio team was pleased to contribute and with the live show - I hope everyone enjoyed our presenters singing. Do tune to my show every week!

Bethany Brooks - singer
It was an honour to be part of the event. Hope you've recovered from your hard work. All the best.

Naz Choudhury - Real Burger World
Well done… you did a great charity event and I was happy to contribute with the raffle prize donation.

Shabbir Choudhury - Mirabai Restaurant
The aim of the charity fundraising event was more important highlighting the orphanage issue in Bangladesh. The speech given by Mr Salam was excellent. I brought my family with me and we thoroughly enjoyed the day and meeting fellow community and business colleagues. The lively entertainment programme was good.

Nurul Islam – Sylhet Foods
I was pleased to attend the charity event to give our support. It is good to see the many business and communitiy people. It is a pleasure to meet the distinguished guests.

Arju & Monica Haque: Members
We had a fantastic time. Glad to hear that you nearly reached your target. It was an ideal opportunity to meet the team and other interesting professional BritBangla members. It was an honour to be amongst distinguished guests who in the context of the orphanage, delivered thought inducing speeches enabling us to reflect on the luxuries we take for granted that are far and distant concepts for those who are less fortunate. The entertainment was thoroughly enjoyable with an enticing lunch.

Nafeesa Ashraf: Member
Well done! That's a fantastic sum raised, and it's all the more worth it when it goes back home to our own countries. It was great to help out with the raffle prizes and have gained some new marketing/sales skills!

Carolyn O’Toole: Guest
Sunday was such a lovely day, I really enjoyed it. Thank you.
So well organised too! Let me know about your next event.
Carolyn x

Ansar Ahmed Ullah: Member
Just a quick note to congratulate you in wonderfully managing the event yesterday. The event had a homely feel to it, it was nice seeing people from all sections (old and young) of our community there in a relaxed mood. It was impressive to see so many of our young women (and men of course) at the event. It was also a pleasant surprise to see non- Bengalis singing and dancing (to no music!) in Bengali. Finally, I must say I enjoyed the food very much, a big thank you to your uncle and the chef at Prithi.

Margaret Kelly [Guest]
You did a fantastic job and should be really proud of yourself. It was a lovely day and it's great that you ended up raising nearly £1,800. It’s for a good cause so I was pleased that I helped raise £24 with the raffle tickets! Mx

Shumon Hoque [Member]
Just wanted to say all your hard work was well worth it! it was a good event and I look forward to the next one.

Kamran Ahmed [Performer/Member]
Firstly, may I say congratulations on your event. I hope you have raised the further £200 you needed. It was a great event and I enjoyed myself. Anyway, I hope that you are ok and recovered from your hard work and effort. My friends and colleagues who came said it was a good show. They also congratulated you on this fundraising event.

Natasha Karpova [Guest]
The event was well organised. The entertainment programme was very interesting. I really enjoyed performance of Shahin. Food was very nice. For me it was completely new experience and way to learn about Bangladesh and chance to make my little help to this country and meet new interesting people. Taryn, as the organiser, you have done a great job!

Dinah Rahman [Member]
Wonderful news about the amount you raised. Well done! It certainly was very well put together, I just wish we had turned up earlier!

Jasmin Suraya [Member]
Had a great time on Sunday as did my friend Rabia. Glad I could help with the fund raising and that it went well. You looked great and did well too. It was good catching up with everyone else too. Shirin apa kept introducing me as ‘the bride from the BB launch event’ which i thought was quite funny!!!!!!!!!

Roshan Dada [Member]
Well done! The event seemed to have gone so well. I am always here to support Taryn’s effort for charity causes. By the way did my raffle numbers come up to win the silk pashmina – I never win anything!

Hasina Momtaz [Member]
Its great to hear that a significant amount of money was raised - especially as you worked so hard on this! I had a wonderful afternoon.

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BritBangla Launch Event feedback from members & guests...

Monica Ali [Writer/Novelist]
'BritBangla is a great idea. Bengalis need to come out of the shadows into the light. BritBangla provides the space for us to do that.'

Rammya Rahim Choudhury - Ekushey TV
Congrats for the successful show and a good follow up. Hope it will go even better.

Tandoori Magazine –Puja Vedi
Just wanted to say that the event was a huge success, everyone involved did a fabulous job organising and putting the launch together. It was a really enjoyable night, the ambience was really warm. Hopefully now, through BritBangla, the British Bengali community will unite to gain more recognition and veer away from stereotypes.
I just want to say congratulations to all you guys on a job well done!
Take care, speak soon.

Roshan Dada (guest)
I had an wonderful evening and really impressed at the work that you guys had put into making this event so special and exciting. It was very well done.

Nargis Begum (member)
Thnx for a great evening Sat nite guys, the launch party was guys should be so proud of all your work... it was a success....until someone gave Syed the mic.!!!! Only joking....girls you looked great oh and you too Syd!!! It was nice seeing everyone how do you top the launch party with the next event!!!!

Jalal Uddin (member)
"What an event to remember!! Such an event has been well overdue for the young talented British Bengalis but it happened at last and it went with a big bang!
I must give it to the team for their professionalism, it was well planned and well delivered, and most importantly for such a good cause! I really enjoyed the warm reception, food, the service and the fashion show... and a really good bunch of crowd who danced away till the early hours! I will definitely attend such an event again".

Shah Hasan
The Launch Party on Saturday was a sure success and I hope this is the start of many more such events to come. It was indeed a good networking opportunity along with surefire entertainment. Absolutely definitely I shall be attending your next event! Wishing you guys all the best! Ciao, Shah Hasan

Awlad Hussain []
You guys done a wonderful job :) well done
can't wait for the next one...

Mohammed Rafiq (member)
Just want to compliment you and your other team members on a very professional job in organising the bash at Alexandra Palace. I hope this will beginning of great things from Brit Bangla and if you continue with all the hard work you and team members are putting in.....I'm sure you will meet all your goals!!!

Kamrul Islam (member)
The launch was very impressive which the britbangla team can definitely be proud of!! Entertainment was good with good music, a fantastic line up of talent. My highlight of the evening was Urmila's dance, very traditional and the comedy sketch was completely funny. Raffle was a complete success for me as the top 3 prizes was won from my batch numbers!!! I may of not won the prizes but it was a nice feeling to know that i was the one that sold the winners the raffle ticket!! You guys worked hard for it and well deserved.

Abdul Haque (member)
Hi All, Well done guys!! It was a great night...
Lots of new people would like to come next time sooo make sure the place is bigger...
Anyway..for next time selections of more bangali music would be nice...

Zahid Hossain (member)
Thank you for organisng such a good event. Jennifa and I both enjoyed the nite. All hard work you all put in paid off.
The food 3 course and entertainment excellent. The 1st announcer, hosted the nite very well and very good speaker. DJs very good. Guests - Excellent.

Abdul Malik (member)
With events of this size getting the timing right can be very difficult, although I was late too so It started right on time for me personally, which was very fortunate. Food was good and well timed.
The acts that really stood out for me was the Folk Dance and the Wedding Sketch, they were outstanding. The stage presenters were on the whole very good, although some comments
did not go down too well judging from the reactions I got from looking around at people around me. This is in no way a criticism, but something that can be improved upon at the next event, although I can tell you that I could not have done any better.

Lits Bari (member)
The BritBangla do was good, didn’t get to speak to you Taryn, you seemed really busy running around organising etc. I think we should have may be had more boogying towards the end and a little bit more guest involvement, oh yeah, there wasn’t enough food or may be that was because i'm a bit of a savage! other than that, it was very well organised and the talent show was brill. I think you guys deserve a pat on the back for your achievements. One more thing - is there any chance of getting hold of a copy of the video for the event in particular, 'the talent show'? please let me know, it would nice to have a look.

Saleh Ahmed (member)
The event was really good. An actual Bengali presenter - sympathetic and loyal to the cause would have been good!

Roopa (guest)
Im Roopa, I thought that your show was really good. I liked every part of it. All the dances where excellent and the fashion show was great! I never never seen something so good in my life, even though I was working I really enjoyed it, it gave me the chance to see something different.
I would like to say a big WELL DOWN to all of you and to keep up the good work.
The people are really nice and the guy who was wearing the white bandaner is really CUTE! (can you tell me his name?)
Where is your next show? I would like to just sit and watch it not working (joke) but I really would like to see the show again its nice to see you coming together as a team like a family.
Hope to see you soon. Take care. Roopa xXx

Jenin Khanam (member)
I would like to say a big thank you for organising a great night. Had loads of fun and met a number of people. The event was well organised although running on 'Asian time'. The guest speakers were all very inspiring (although it was slightly spoilt by some people making rude comments behind us). The food on the otherhand was delicious. More dancing time would have been nice. The friends that came with me were all very enthusiastic about the event and mentioned that this was the first 'Bengali' do that they attended and that it was very organised and that they really enjoyed themselves. Well done Britbangla.

Zuber Rahman (member)
I am sure the Britbangla team put a lot of effort into organising the event which took place at the Alexandra Palace. While it was a glamorous event I am sad to say there were many areas which you should look at in order to make the event better.
Firstly, the presenter was very poor and on such a Bengali event he even had the cheek to utter a few urdu words which I and many others took offence to, as we felt this was going to be an event with Bengali traits in the forefront.
Secondly, the presenter should have been someone who could communicate in both bengali as well as English as me and people around me thought he was lacking in talent and also in love with himself (God knows why!). While I am taking the time to mention who was bad I should also take the time to say who was good. The two girls who danced on their own were very good and Bengali as i understand it, we should have more of them coming out onto the stage.
Shahin Badar was also very good and what made her better is that she actually was the only one who spoke Bengali, well done to her.
I hope you don't take my criticism badly as I don't intend any malice with it. I am simply just someone who feels events held in the name of being Bengali should be just that mainly because if we don't blow our own trumpet then none else is going to do it for us.
We need to help one another in order to be a success, a fellow Bengalis success should be cheered.
But nevertheless well done for what you have done so far I hope you do make changes for your next event.

Eid party feedback from members...

Rita Rupal: Director of Newham Asian Women's Project:
Please forward our appreciation to your Members for their sponsorship of NAWP's work.
I hope the event on Saturday was a real success, and thank you again for considering the women who use Nawp's services as beneficiaries.
Best wishes,
Rita Rupal
Director of Newham Asian Women's Project

CHUP magazine -Monir Ali:
Dear BritBangla Team,
Thank you very much for a spectacular evening, the atmosphere, the people were very pleasant.

Bangla TV -Mujibul Hoque
BritBangla team and members, pleased to see such talented and intelligent individuals under one umbrella network. Wish the BritBangla success.

Kobir Gofur: member
I very much enjoyed myself at the night. thought the venue was fab, and some of the people I met were extremely friendly and am delighted to have attended.

Farida Rahim: member
BritBangla, Really enjoyed last Saturday's party. The Clay Oven was a fantastic venue to hold a party. Look forward to more BritBangla dos. The food was nice (too much, couldn't try everything!) and the entertainment was good too. Merry Xmas and have a Happy New Year. You deserve an enjoyable break after all your efforts. See you soon

Shefaly Bibi: member
A very dazzling night full of fun and festivity, yet elegant and glamorous.
Not only was it a Eid celebration, but xmas, britbangla old and new Friends celebration. The food was consumptious and filling! the music was lively and all the people were high spirited. It is also a brilliant opportunity to meet different and intersting people of the same community.....British/Bengali people who are confident of East/West culture...vibrant people with views and aspirations with values based on beliefs making them talented and true spirited, yet retaining there individuality.
I am impressed with britbangla for making the initiative for our community which is so low profile, you have the potential to make it big and successful and with all the hard work and effort you put in i am sure you will be successful and promoting the way for our young British/Bengali citizens.
It also makes us aware of charity and the fact that donation is given makes us feel proud to be participating in such events! looking forward to many more fantastic events britbangla keep up the good work and we will always be behind you.

Nazmin Begum: member
I thought that the outcome on the launch of the Britbangla in the ClayOven was rather successful and has the potential to grow bigger but all within good time. The event was worth the while despite the late arrival of food, we the guests, all thought that it was different and very entertaining. We also believe that this a good way to raise the awareness of the Bangladeshi Profile and praise all the individuals who are putting in the hard work to make this a success. Anymore events we will be glad to attend of. Thanks & Regards

Ruhin Syed: member
Hi, I had a good time at the Eid Party, the members, their guests and the Food all contributed to quite a successful evening (the music could have Been better though!!!)
It was good to meet everyone and particularly the britbangla team (Shirin's warm welcome to the group was impressive and very much appreciated) who worked hard to ensure the evening was a success.

Abdal Ullah: guest
Brit-Bangla Team. Well done for an excellent night.
You guys get my vote any day for event organisation & great company.
So to all those who put on the event thanks for a great night.
Special thank to the BB girls.... you all looked fantastic!
look forward to the next event!

Jennie Laskar: member
Thanks for a truly delectable evening: good food, good entertainment and of course good company, mine!! Joke. It was nice to be amongst such sociable people.

Nargis Begum: member
Had a real nice time at the Eid Party. Very enjoyable evening....well organised and it was nice to see britbangla friends again...

Jenin Khanam: member
well done BritBangla, it was a wonderful glamourous evening. What better way to celebrate Eid! my friends and I had a fab time. I found the members to be sociable and was proud to support such a charity event.

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