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• BritBangla attracts people of extraordinary talent who have something to offer and something to gain through becoming a member. You could be part of this.

• By joining BritBangla you will automatically meet fellow British Bengali professionals who you may not otherwise encounter through your work environment.

• Our members include people from all fields of employment, including teachers, lawyers, doctors, journalists and artists so you get to meet a wide range of people.

• You will be invited to social events that will in turn increase your network of contacts for social and professional opportunities.

• You get the chance to share your knowledge and experiences in order to promote the contribution British Bengalis are making to society.

• Members will get priority in the booking of most BritBangla events and discounts on any entrance fees.

• Member will have to access to the membersí site, accessible with the use of username and password.

• Members will receive pre-agreed discounts from various companies and non-BritBangla events.

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